Hormone Harmony™ PLUS+ X

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Contains Phytoestrogens to eliminate the build-up of toxic hormones that keep you feeling bogged down and heavy|Dramatically decreases cell aging by 29% slowing the aging process and reducing inflammation|Unfortunately, going through the three stages of menopause puts you at a significantly higher risk of developing chronic or life threatening disease. PLUS+ Contains 3x more antioxidants than green tea to increase your blood antioxidant capacity by 115%|Magnesium for complete relaxation before sleep and for improving quality, duration, and tranquility of sleep|Turns on AMPK to put your body in its most optimal state for healthy natural hormone balance|Dramatically decreases dangerous cell aging by 29% to stop the onset of alziermers, forgetfulness and complete mental decline|Rich in Vitamin C which “fires-up” the fibroblasts—your skin's natural Collagen factories to make your skin appear smoother, softer and years younger|Vitamin K works with Vitamin D3 for strengthening bones and preventing further bone loss|Myo-inositol has been shown to have a number of positive effects in women with PCOS. It works by reducing insulin resistance and increasing levels of sex hormone binding globulin|Vitamin E to help alleviate the severity of many common menopausal symptoms, including insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, palpitations and vaginal dryness|Vitamin D3 to help with the regulation of insulin flow and balance blood sugar, allowing the body's natural hormone cycles to function more effectively|Works with Hormone Harmony to increase the beneficial levels of Bifido and Lactobacillus probiotics in the gut whilst working to reduce undesirable gut bacteria responsible for bloating, gas and other unexpected digestive events |Feel it working and experience faster results from Hormone Harmony|Skyrockets the absorption and bioavailability of Hormone Harmony by 115% or more

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