Puts Hormone Balance On Autopilot . . .

Take Back Control Of Your Body, Your Emotions and Your Well-Being With The World’s First Intelligent Hormone Balancing System That Adapts To YOUR Body’s Unique Needs

This intelligent Hormone Balancing system triggers a 74% reduction in symptoms of hormone imbalances and works for Women of all ages

Targets and corrects your unique hormonal imbalances on autopilot

100% natural ingredients backed by 13,267 research studies

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This intelligent Hormone Balancing system triggers a 74% reduction in symptoms of hormone imbalances and works for Women of all ages.


Targets and corrects your unique hormonal imbalances on autopilot

100% natural ingredients backed by 13,267 research studies

Gets your hormones working for — not against you

IN STOCK ready for speedy shipping

Why you’re still feeling out of control despite the treatments, diets and supplements you’ve tried so far

Hormone Imbalances are sneaky.

They slowly creep up on you. Often without any warning. And then it all hits you like a tonne of bricks.

Suddenly, you’re losing control over your body.

Sure, your weight has fluctuated before. But now that stubborn fat around your waist and thighs keeps on piling despite eating healthy, exercising and your best efforts.

And for some reason, every time you eat a meal — the same meals you’ve always enjoyed — your belly inflates like a balloon ready to pop.

It feels like your body’s been hijacked

Chronic pain and overwhelm have become expected ‘normal’ in your daily life.

And if that weren’t enough, you feel drained of energy, irritated and plagued with mood swings that not only affect you, but the very people you love the most.

Your partner, your kids, your friends —

They don’t understand what’s happening to you.

And neither do you.

So you go to doctors in search of answers and solutions. You get told you’re fine when you know you’re not!

But here’s what happens: doctors were taught to pigeon hole everyone into the same category.

They only offer artificial medications, bloody surgeries (that often have to be repeated) or unreliable hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with side effects.

All these medical solutions are like band-aid cover ups. They simply deal with a few symptoms, while triggering a dozen others.

And the reason why you never get to feel like yourself again, no matter how many treatments you get, is…

They don’t get to the root cause of crippling hormone imbalance symptoms

So you’re forced to do your own research and try random alternative solutions hoping one of them will help you live a normal life again.

You try diets such as keto, paleo, the horrible fodmap, “hormone balancing diets,” the carnivore diet — you even go vegan for a while — yet none of them help. They’re either too restrictive or too complicated to follow.

You try many different supplements… and some of them work for a while.

But many of them simply don’t work for you.

They are all too one-dimensional. They are all missing something, yet you just don’t know exactly what that is.

So you start mixing and matching them, yet the different ingredients don’t play well together. Many of them even seem to work against you.

At this point, you may be thinking there’s something wrong with YOU. But let me assure you…

This is NOT your fault.

And here’s exactly why…

All of these so-called solutions have one major flaw that’s actually the KEY to getting back control over your body, your emotions and your well-being:

None of them adapt to the
unique needs of your body

You see, hormone balance is complicated. There are hundreds of different moving parts that are all different and FEEL different for each and every woman.

For some women, the root cause could simply be Estrogen Dominance. But for most women, it’s a combination of factors such as Imbalanced Estrogen Levels, Chronic Inflammation, an unbalanced gut and rollercoaster Glucose Levels.

Then you need to consider your age, life circumstances, past or future pregnancies, environmental factors and general health biomarkers.

So you can’t go jamming a square peg into a round hole like most treatments, diets, and alternative solutions out there.

This is why many of the options you try simply do not work for YOU.

Yet there had to be a solution to this complex issue that burdens millions of women of all ages… And the answer came from science.

The Incredible ‘A-ha’ Moment After Meticulously Going Through 13,267 Research Studies

Here at Happy Mammoth, we obsess over “unsolvable” health problems.

Mostly because we, like everyone else, have to live with these problems as well… or even worse, we have to watch our loved ones suffer.

So our Research and Development team spent over a year going through tens of thousands of the latest cutting edge research studies to find a solution to the impossible hormonal imbalance burden.

We then went one step further…

We assembled a focus group of 334 women of all different ages. Each member of the focus group was dealing with their own unique set of hormone related health challenges.

This combination of research and our 334 strong focus group was combined with one other unique advantage…

Our years of experience with women’s gut, digestive and microbiome health enabled us to discover 4 new insights during our research that others missed, overlooked or neglected entirely.

And what we discovered was an amazing new to balance hormones using a 360-degree, natural holistic system that we like to call…

The Newly Discovered
4 Pillars of Hormone Harmony™

Pillar #1
Unbalanced Hormones Levels

Hormone imbalances can come in many different forms. And it looks different from woman to woman. Whilst there are a few different hormones that create imbalances, the single biggest “domino” hormone is Estrogen. Estrogen is crucial for day-to-day functioning. Without it, you end up with vaginal changes that lead to painful urination, hot flashes, moodiness, irregular periods and brain fog.

Research Summary:


Too much Estrogen can wreak total havoc
on your entire body

Many women suffer from Estrogen Dominance in their twenties and thirties. ED is often caused by consumption of human birth control pills for many years or exposure to xenoEstrogens and exogenous Estrogens.

These types of Estrogens are known as “fake Estrogens” because they mimic estrogen inside your body. They are often found in beauty products, pollutants, toxins, plastic, the environment, brake-dust and the building materials found in your homes.

It can cause things ranging from fatigue and overwhlem to fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal menstruation, weight gain (particularly around the tummy, hips, midsection and thighs), bloating, low moods and irritability (for no reason).

Too much Estrogen can wreak total havoc
on your entire body

Perimenopause begins several years before menopause. It's the time when the ovaries gradually begin making less Estrogen. Perimenopause lasts right up until menopause—the point when the ovaries stop releasing eggs.

This drop in Estrogen speeds up in the last one to two years of Perimenopause. At this stage, many women already have menopause symptoms such as: hot flashes, breast tenderness, fatigue, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, mood swings and trouble sleep.

The Unique Solution

We’ve successfully tested the synergistic natural ingredient combination that balances your Estrogen, cortisol, progesterone, prolactin and testosterone levels. This alone helps clear up hot flashes, night sweats, bloating, cravings, weight gain you can't control, irregular periods, cramping and much more.

Pillar #2
The Gut-Hormone Connection

The gut-hormone connection has now been officially recognised by doctors, professors and scientists as playing a critical role in hormone balance, regulation and emotional wellbeing.

Research Summary:

Gut flora imbalances (also known as dysbiosis) occurs when too many bad bacteria take over the gut microbiome — and it increases your risk of chronic disease through chronic gut issues such as leaky gut syndrome.

As its name implies, leaky gut means your intestinal lining cells become looser. Larger molecules slip through the gut wall that shouldn’t, creating an immune response. The response triggers chronic inflammation. One of the primary causes of hormonal imbalances in women.

Leaky gut and other gut imbalances can impact other hormones including estrogen by disrupting estrobolome, the gut bacteria that metabolise Estrogens. Chronic estrogen imbalances increase your risk of serious health conditions. Especially after menopause. Research also shows that gut health can impact central nervous system disorders including mood and irritability disorders.

The Unique Solution

We’ve discovered the three most science-backed Probiotic strains for women's health that not only bring balance to your gut microbiome, but also reduce gut inflammation, eliminate bloating, gas and work through the gut-brain connection to create feelings of joy and happiness.

Pillar #3
The Mood-Hormone Connection

This is one of the most unspoken about areas of women’s health because of the consequences it can have across your entire life. Yet, we think it’s the most important.

Research Summary:

During the transition to menopause, levels of the hormone Estrogen drop, causing wide-ranging changes throughout the body. ... Lower levels of Estrogen have been linked to irritability, fatigue, stress, forgetfulness, irritability and difficulty concentrating. Then on top of this, the gut-brain axis sends signals of unhappiness, irritability and general sadness to the brain when your gut remains unbalanced and inflamed.

Emotional rollercoasters, mood swings, stress, irritability and low moods make up a significant component of the symptoms that come with the 3 stages of Menopause, Estrogen Dominance and other hormone imbalances.

The Unique Solution

We’ve pinpointed the natural ingredients that trigger an immediate calm within 9-minutes of consuming and eliminate stress, irritability and overwhelm. The same ingredients are proven to give you a 20% increase in short-term memory, confidence and self-worth.

Pillar #4
The Glucose-Hormone Connection

Sugar and refined carbohydrates are best known for their effects on weight gain, but these foods are frequently at the root of your worst PMS and menopause symptoms.

Research Summary:

Sugar not only provides major highs and lows in mood and energy, it can also disrupt one of the most powerful factors in the body: blood sugar levels. And blood sugar levels are closely connected to all of the other hormones in your body, including Estrogen and testosterone.

When blood sugar spikes, typically after a meal high in sugar, this can lead to lower levels of an important proteins.

SHBG binds excess Estrogen and testosterone in the blood. Yet when it’s low, these hormone levels increase. Elevated blood sugar levels also increases the production of testosterone, which is then converted into even more Estrogen by fat tissue in the belly.

These effects mean the ratio of Estrogen to progesterone (known for keeping us calm and happy) is way too high, leading to irritability, overwhelm, and more. And as women reach menopause, symptoms get more intense and can include hot flashes and night sweats as well. It also causes extreme cravings for sugary and fatty foods along with weight gain you cannot control.

The Unique Solution

The specific plant-based ingredients we found can bring blood glucose levels under control 100% naturally. By stopping blood sugar spikes, you’ll finally stop uncontrollable weight gain and energy crashes, control food cravings and feel fuller for longer after meals.

As you can see, these 4 Pillars are undeniably linked together

In order to rebalance your entire hormonal system and get back control over your body, your emotions and your wellbeing and mind, you need to tackle ALL of these 4 pillars at once.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been working on for the last year:

Creating a new 100% natural solution that is scientifically proven to target and correct ALL 4 Pillars at once, according to YOUR body’s unique needs.

Hormone Harmony™

Your Best Years Are Now The Ones In Front Of You —Not Behind You

Hormone Harmony™ is the world’s first intelligent balancing system that gets your hormones working for you — not against you — to create newfound happiness, confidence and success.

Thanks to the unique ingredients that adapt to your body’s specific needs, it works for women of all ages going through Perimenopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause, Estrogen Dominance, PCOS, Endometriosis and other Hormone Imbalances.

The formula easily adapts to your body’s unique needs because of its unique, clinically validated ingredients called “adaptogens”.

Their amazing ability of these adaptogens is to target YOUR specific problems and fix them from the inside out, on autopilot:

The Mood-Sleep Connection:

Targeted delivery of 30 billion of the three most studied and proven probiotic strains for women’s health: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus shown to:

Shown to decrease symptoms of IBS, bloating, pain, pressure and gas

Bring bacterial balance to your gut microbiome

Eases gut induced inflammation from a leaking gut

Works at the gut-brain axis to create feelings of positivity

Shown to restore balance to the vaginal microbiome

The Mood-Hormone Connection:

Hormone Harmony contains two clinically validated adaptogens — Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Extracts with a unique type of Maca shown to soothe Irritability, mood swings and low moods:

Rhodiola to increase feelings of calm, happiness, self-worth and confidence

Ashwagandha to ease stress up to 44%. Rhodiola to increase memory by 20%

Ashwagandha to balance cortisol levels responsible for weight gain

Maca reignites vitality and blood flow

The Hormone-Sleep Connection:

Contains a synergic blend of Gelatinised Maca, Chaste Tree Berry Extract, Broccoli Sprouts and Rosemary Extract in clinically validated amounts. These ingredients have been shown to help eliminate:

Activates Phase 1 and 2 detoxification pathways to flush out excess Estrogen

Broccoli Sprouts, Rosemary and Maca are shown to balance and increase Estrogen

Chaste Tree Berry and Maca balance Progesterone, Testosterone and Prolactin

Experience a 74% to 84% reduction in hot flashes and night sweats

Supports a 74% decrease in menopausal symptoms within 30 days

Works Best For:

Works for Women of all ages going through Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause, Estrogen Dominance, PCOS, Endometriosis, other Hormone Imbalances and women who just don’t feel like themselves.

Allows menopause to happen naturally with minimisation of crippling symptoms

Clears up those past years of craziness

Activates A 74% Reduction In Symptoms In 29 Days (Or Less) With Natural Ingredients Validated By 4,391 Research Studies

The Hormone-Glucose Connection:

Sugar and carbohydrates are best known for their effects on weight gain, but these foods are at the root of your worst menopause symptoms. This unique complex contains Berberine Bark Extract which is shown to:

Deep Sleep Mode quietly ramps up your metabolism whilst you’re sleeping to turn on overnight fat burning

Works to balance blood sugar levels naturally to stabilise mood and energy

Supports elimination of sugar and hunger cravings so you feel fuller for longer

Feel more satisfied and content eating less meals throughout the day

Shown to decrease fasting blood glucose levels within 30-days

Ultra Premium Natural Ingredients Support By 4,391 Research Studies:

Ingredients: Coconut Oil Powder, Natural Flavours, Gelatinised Maca Powder, Women’s Probiotic Hormone Balance Blend 30 billion CFU/g (Lactobacillus acidophilus (10 billion CFU/g), Lactobacillus plantarum (10 billion CFU/g) and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (10 billion CFU/g), Australian Grown Broccoli Sprout Powder, Ashwagandha Extract 25:1, Rhodiola Rosea Extract (5% Rosavins + 2% Salidroside HPLC), Chaste Tree Berry Extract (0.5% Agnusides HPLC), Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, Rosemary Extract (7.5% Rosemarinic Acid HPLC) and Berberine Bark Extract 97% HPLC

Hormone Harmony™ Is Scientifically Formulated For Women Of All Ages With:



Peri-Menopause begins several years before menopause. It's the time when the ovaries gradually begin making less Estrogen. Peri-Menopause lasts right up until menopause—the point when the ovaries stop releasing eggs. This drop in Estrogen speeds up in the last one to two years of Peri-Menopause. At this stage, many women already have many menopause symptoms. Common symptoms include: hot flashes, night sweats breast tenderness, worse PMS, lower sex drive, fatigue, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, unrine leakage, mood swings and trouble sleeping.



Menopause is defined as the final menstrual period. It’s usually confirmed when a woman has missed her period for 12 consecutive months. Menopause results in lower levels of Estrogen and other hormones. It is a normal, natural life event that all women eventually experience. Every woman’s experience with menopause is different. The majority of women are hit with a ton of bricks all at once, experiencing symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats (heavy sweating from hot flashes at night, often disturbing sleep).



Post-Menopause starts after one year has passed since your last menstrual cycle. Other symptoms that might have started in Post-Menopause can continue through menopause and Post-Menopause. It's not unusual to still experience hot flashes, night sweats, elevated heart rate, sleep disturbances-insomnia, irritability, overwhelm, low moods, urinary issues or vaginal dryness—which can lead to discomfort during sexual intercourse. These can continue for 5, 10 or even twenty years after menopause. Additionally, due to the decrease in estrogen, there's an increased risk of heart disease, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Women Who Don’t Feel Like Themselves


In a recent survey of over 332 women, we discovered that many women report just not feeling like themselves.

They feel like life is passing them by and they’re staying in their “safe zone.”

They also reported feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fatigued. Even small Hormone Imbalances can cause significant health problems and feelings like something is “just off”

Women With Endometrosis


Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining your pelvis. Symptoms include painful periods, pain during intercourse, painful bowel movements or urination, excessive bleeding, infertility, nausea or bloating.

Women With PCOS


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries may develop numerous small collections of fluid (follicles) and fail to regularly release eggs. Symptoms include Irregular periods, Polycystic ovaries and excess androgen.

Estrogen Dominance


Too much estrogen can wreak total havoc on your entire body. It can cause things ranging from fatigue and overwhelm to fibroid, endometriosis, abnormal menstruation, abnormal menstruation, weight gain (particularly in hips, midsection, thighs), bloating, anxiety, low moods and a lower sex drive. One of the main reasons there has been a rapid rise in Estrogen dominance is because hormonal birth control is so popular. Women will stay on hormonal birth control for years without fully understanding the long-term effects. The other primary cause is when your body gets clogged up with environment Estrogens from beauty products, pollutants and toxins in the air, plastic, Brake dust from vehicles, Environmental plastic particles in the air we breath and Building materials (like the ones in your home)

Women With Hormone Imbalance Symptoms


Any women suffering one or more of the following symptoms should see some relief using Hormone Harmony:

Bloating, fluid retention around my midsection gas, IBS-like problems, sleep problems, vaginal dryness, pain, burning, tightness and itchiness, hot flashes, night sweats, sudden body temperature changes, insomnia, difficulty sleeping, weight gain you can’t control, breast tenderness,

Uncontrollable hunger and food cravings, foggy thinking, mood swings, overwhelm, low moods, stress, low sex drive, hormonal acne, period pain, painful cramping, irregular heavy cycles, unusual bleeding and menstrual cycles that are inconsistent in length...

Hormone Harmony™ Compared To
Mass Market, One-Dimensional Hormone Products

Outdated Mass Market Products

Not a synergistic system — ingredients cannibalise each other

DOES NOT adapt to the unique needs of your body

Doesn’t address mood or provide emotional support

Treats 1 or 2 symptoms. Doesn’t get to the root cause

May contain out-dated inflammatory whey protein as a filler

May contain toxic fillers your body cannot handle

Ingredients not backed by clinical studies

Slapped together to make a quick dollar

Not plant-based

May contain GMO’s, soy, corn, dairy or gluten

May contain dangerous artificial sweeteners

Does not clear up past years of craziness

New Plant-Based Hormone Harmony™

The world’s first ‘intelligent’ hormone balancing system

Adapts to the unique needs of your body

Addresses mood, stress and delivers emotional support

Treats BOTH the symptoms AND the root cause

Does not contain out-dated whey protein

Does not contain fillers or unnatural ingredients

Ingredients dosed at correct amounts in the most effective form

Over one year of development with ultra premium ingredients

100% natural and plant-based

Free from GMO’s, soy, corn, dairy or gluten

Does not contain artificial sweeteners

Clears up those past years of craziness

So What Will You Choose To Do TODAY?

There’s no doubt about it—

This constant suffering needs to stop before it gets even worse.

It’s difficult to imagine it getting any worse... but hormonal imbalances do worsen with time, health complications become unbearable, and your loved ones can only take so much. Yet, here’s what you need to know right now:

We understand that your lack of energy is making it IMPOSSIBLE for you to change your lifestyle.

I understand that you’re hurt, depressed, and misunderstood even by your closest family and friends

I understand that you’re sick and tired of trying so-called solutions that either don’t work for you… or make it even worse.

Yet, that’s exactly why we’ve spent the past YEAR going through 13,267 scientific studies and creating Hormone Harmony.


But right now, you have to do one thing:

Pick ONE of the TWO choices. It will be easy, you’ll see

Choice #1: Ignore everything we’ve shown you on this page and go through the traditional journey every woman is forced to endure…

Spend hundreds on artificial medications with unexpected side effects;

Waste months or even years and thousands of dollars visiting doctors, specialists and hospitals only to end up nowhere;

Or you could:

Try exclusion diets that months to get results because you have to exclude foods one by one. Then wait to see if there are any improvements or not. Not only does it takes ages to see results, but it also restricts you from eating some of your favourite foods and cripples your social life entirely.

You could try one of the latest diets including Keto, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lectin Free, Paleo, Vegetarian or even go Vegan. Yet, in our focus group of 334 women, we discovered the majority of women didn’t feel any difference when to came to Hormone Balance on these diets.

And when worse comes to WORST…

Get put on unreliable hormone replacement therapy that may create more problems that it solves.

Or even be referred to have a bloody surgery which often has to be repeated—painful recovery included.

Now we aren’t saying these options don’t work. They could... Yet the failure rate is high. And you’ve probably had more than your fair share of it.

So we’re giving you a second chance to live your life to the fullest:

Choice #2: Ignore everything we’ve shown you on this page and go through the traditional journey every woman is forced to endure…

Our research team pioneered the newly established 4-pillars of Hormone Harmony to create this new system that adapts to you body’s unique needs.

All ingredients are backed by scientific studies, dosed at the clinically proven amount and delivered into your body in the best possible (and most expensive) ingredient form. All it takes is one-scoop-per-day.

The science demonstrates you will start experiencing mood results right away and notice a massive difference within 29 days or less...

Invest In Hormone Harmony™ Today To Make New, Long Lasting Positive Hormone Health Changes

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