What on earth is a Happy Mammoth?


Part #1: The critical importance of a balanced gut

Happy Mammoth was created on the premise of gut health and the pivotal role it plays in your daily performance, your energy levels, your wellbeing, mental health, mindfulness and the way it makes your look and feel about yourself.


Did evolution equip us with two separate brains?

Your gut is your second brain. It’s your body’s second hub of intelligence, holding the equivalent brain power of a cute little puppy (actually!). It hosts over 200 million neurons and hundreds of billions of bacteria that influence your personality.

Both your brains are in constant conversation. The brain and stomach use the same neurotransmitters which is the language that nerve cells speak.

Complications such as IBS, autoimmune disease and even mental illness are often explained as a serious malfunction between the brain and the digestive tube. We subconsciously carry a lot of thoughts and feelings in our guts.


Part #2: Why everyone be so serious?

But why happy?

These days. We’re all taking ourselves super seriously. And its taking a severe toll on our health, wellbeing and general state of happiness. Our lives are becoming more and more stressful with hectic insane crazy (HIC—our shiny new acronym) work, family and social schedules. This is made worse by our constant connection to technology, social media, information overload and the constant barrage of notifications from our “smart” devices. Health these days has also become overwhelmingly serious. With the media and so called “health experts” constantly spreading messages around the best new fad diet and fitness regimes.

These diets are always super strict and hard to maintain in the long-term. We start them with the best intentions but because they’re so hard to stick to, we eventually cave and then ultimately feel bad about ourselves for doing so.

This is coupled with unsustainable forms of new exercise fads. Don’t get us wrong, these types of programs have their place. When executed incorrectly though, they can inflict catastrophic and long-term damage on the body.

The Happy Mammoth believes that the best diet and fitness programs have their foundations cemented in being real, organic, natural, functional and most importantly of all—they’re sustainable in the long-term and make you feel super Happy.


But why mammoth?

The role of the gut in our overall health has been well documented by ancient scientists physicians including Hippocrates who is considered one of the most outstanding achievers in the history of medicine.

Hippocrates is considered “the father of modern medicine” and was the founder of the Hippocrates School of Medicine which is well known for establishing medicine as a profession and collecting the findings of many other talented physicians.

Hippocrates and his followers were first to describe many diseases and medical conditions including that all disease begins in the gut—which played a pivotal role when developing our gut health vision.

The Mammoth provides the link between the ancient roots of gut health whilst presenting as a neat metaphor for strength, performance and confidence.

We know that when you have a high performing gut, you’re basically a strong as a mammoth. You have a sense of immovable strength and 100% the confidence you need to achieve everything you want in life.

Yours in health and happiness,

James and Matt xoxoxoxox