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Happy Mammoth Collagen Protein Reviews: How 4 Women Healed Their Guts

When talking about collagen, you may immediately think about glowing skin and beautiful hair, but these are just some of the benefits of this essential component of our bodies. In fact, collagen is a major building block of our bones, tendons, and ligaments. On top of this, it has a crucial role to fulfil when it comes to gut health. Actually, when leaving reviews of Happy Mammoth's collagen protein, many women highlight how it's the only thing that soothes their guts!

Many people today use collagen as an injectable to achieve plumper lips and softer skin, though this is not the only option available. If you’re hoping to relieve joint pain, for example, a collagen supplement in powder form can be your best ally. You can add it to your morning coffee, your afternoon tea, and virtually any drink you take throughout the day. Some supplements, like our Prebiotic Collagen Protein, even have other components like prebiotics, which will help you relieve symptoms like bloating, gas, and flatulence, and many other digestive disorders (1).

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The best part? You’ll enjoy all the benefits of having a healthy gut, preventing disease associated with poor digestive health, while looking your best. Find in this article the experience of 6 women who take our Prebiotic Collagen Protein daily—and enjoy its amazing results!


#1 - No More Clicking Knees for Angela!

#2 - Bye Bye Bloating, Gas and Discomfort—in Just a Few Weeks

#3 - “My Eyelashes Seem Fuller and Longer” The Simplest Way to Get Glowing Skin and Lush Hair

#4 - As Simple as Drinking Your Morning Coffee

Take Your Health to the Next Level With a Collagen Boost

#1 - No More Clicking Knees for Angela!

Collagen is found in many parts of your body, from bones and cartilage to skin and hair, giving them strength and elasticity. The bad news is that, as you age, collagen production decreases and your skin begins to dry, wrinkle and sag (2). Additionally, your bones and joints become weaker and your risk of suffering from osteoporosis and joint pain increase, too (3).

While you can’t do anything to stop ageing, there are some measures you can take regarding your diet and lifestyle to give your body a little collagen boost and improve your overall health. One of them is taking collagen supplements. Angela G., for example, explains how our Prebiotic Collagen Protein helped her relieve joint pain, particularly in her knees:

I was surprised at how good it tastes, and I feel my skin looks brighter and my knees are not clicking anymore. This really seems to be making a difference, I have only been using it for a week!

Angela G.

The best part? Our supplement is very easy to incorporate into your routine. It comes in powder form and you can add it to your favourite cold drink. We recommend having one or two scoops on a daily basis, depending on your dietary requirements and lifestyle. You can simply mix it into a tall glass of water (200ml-300ml), coconut or almond milk or your smoothie.

#2 - Bye Bye Bloating, Gas and Discomfort—in Just a Few Weeks

Taking extra collagen is also beneficial for your gut health, as it can eliminate bloating, gas and cramping after meals. Our supplement contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides, which act like a natural “glue” for the gut lining, sealing fissures and promoting bowel movements. Plus, they help with detoxification and can heal long-lasting digestive issues like leaky gut or IBS. This study, for example, found that high concentrations of amino acids (coming from collagen) reduced inflammation and held numerous other protective effects against Irritable Bowel Disease (4).

Also, thanks to its high concentration of glycine, collagen can help to reduce acid reflux and its associated symptoms, allowing the body to produce more stomach acid and aid in digestion (5).

Here’s Vanessa C.’s experience when dealing with bloating by using Prebiotic Collagen Protein:

I've been having this on and off for about a year or more. It's the only thing that really seems to soothe my tummy bloating! I buy the vanilla one and the unflavoured tub and mix them together in my yoghurt and it's delicious. I was finding the vanilla one a bit sweet for my personal taste.

Vanessa C.

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides can be quickly absorbed by the body, so you can experience all the benefits of collagen very fast after taking the supplement. The prebiotics included in our formula can reduce your sugar cravings and help you lose weight at the same time they boost your energy levels throughout the day. This is Rachel P.’s testimony, who got rid of gas build-up and discomfort with our Prebiotic Collagen Protein:

This product has made a significant difference for me. After about a week, I started noticing less bloating, less gas, and less discomfort in general. After a few weeks, I've noticed even more improvement. I used to get a really distended, bloated, bubbly tummy after eating just about anything. Now, if I do get bloated, it's just like a regular person's experience after eating and it subsides quickly. I will be purchasing this product again and am now looking at some of the other Happy Mammoth products since this one worked so well.

Rachel P.

#3 - “My Eyelashes Seem Fuller and Longer” The Simplest Way to Get Glowing Skin and Lush Hair

As stated above, a lack of collagen can also bring about skin and hair issues, making them look dry and lifeless (6). But this is when collagen supplements come to the rescue! When you take collagen peptides, your collagen production and restructuring increases, making your skin and hair look fresh, strong and healthy (and reducing the appearance of wrinkles).

A randomised, double-blind placebo trial found that collagen hydrolysate, taken over an 8-week period, significantly improved skin conditions such as moisture, elasticity, wrinkles, and roughness. The higher content collagen resulted in the most noticeable improvement in facial skin conditions (7).

This is Tracy J.’s experience with using our Prebiotic Collagen Protein to improve her hair and skin health:

I am really enjoying both the taste and the benefits I am seeing with using the Prebiotic Collagen Protein. My skin has taken on a healthy glow and my hair is so much softer and healthier. I did find that I did not enjoy it so much when mixed with water, but readily rectified this by exchanging the water with almond milk - yum!

Tracy J.

Similarly, Jessica G. saw improvements in the appearance of her complexion and even her eyelashes:

I have been taking this prebiotic collagen protein in vanilla bean flavour for 3 weeks now. And I’ve actually noticed my eyelashes seem fuller and longer. And my skin seems clearer. Not sure if this is normal. But I’m not complaining.

Jessica G.

#4 - As Simple as Drinking Your Morning Coffee

And all of these benefits are really easy to obtain! You don’t need to spend hours baking or preparing complicated smoothies. Instead, you can mix Prebiotic Collagen Protein with your morning coffee and go about your day enjoying its effects. Lisa J., for example, explains how she incorporated our supplement into her routine:

It’s easy to prepare, dissolves quickly in a little water or my morning coffee, and the salted caramel flavour tastes great. But the best thing is that all of my bloating has gone, my energy is up, and I'm also losing weight. My husband likes it too! I can also see an improvement in my skin. Thanks for a breakthrough product for me :)

Lisa J.

If you are looking for maximum gut-healing results, you should take Prebiotic Collagen Protein as part of The Complete Gut Synergy System, which was created to solve all the problems you may have in your digestive tract, microbiota and lining. One the one hand, this system supports your microbiota by feeding your good bacteria and preventing yeast overgrowth. On the other hand, it does away with bloating and digestive discomfort, improving digestion and sealing potential gut fissures.

How to use it: Take 15 gr. (one scoop) of Prebiotic Collagen Protein and 10 gr. (another scoop) of Postbiotic Beauty Reds during or after breakfast. And if you’d like to experience an energy boost to go about your day, have 10 gr. of Probiotic Power Greens after lunch!

Happy Mammoth Collagen Protein Reviews: Take Your Health to the Next Level With a Collagen Boost

As you can see in these Happy Mammoth collagen protein reviews, collagen is an essential component of your health, particularly when it comes to your skin, bones, cartilages and even your gut. Your body makes collagen naturally, but as you age, collagen production inevitably starts to decline. Thus, it’s essential that you consume extra collagen through foods and supplements to improve your wellbeing. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and our Prebiotic Collagen Protein will help you look and feel your best almost effortlessly.

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