Prebiotic Collagen Protein Helped Lesley Alleviate Her IBS Symptoms, and Improve Her Mood and Skin

Let us introduce you to Lesley. Lesley was one of our lovely customers seeking relief from the symptoms of IBS and we had the pleasure of getting to know her.

Continue reading on to find out a little bit about Lesley, why she loves Prebiotic Collagen Protein and how it helped and continues to help her everyday.

Lesley absolutely adores the country and enjoys going for drives and walks along dirt roads. Playing volleyball and getting lost in a good book are also some of her hobbies. She finds it challenging maintaining a steady routine due to work commitments but manages to fit in gym a couple of times a week. Another challenge of hers is overcoming IBS and the bloating that it causes.

"I've been struggling with the bloating that comes with IBS. I’ve also suffered with brain fog for quite a long time along with skin is also suffering."

However, that all changed when Lesley was scrolling through her Facebook and stumbled across our page.

"I discovered your page through Facebook and was intrigued by the great ingredients they contain and the health benefits that go with them."

And the verdict?

"I’m feeling so much better now without the dreaded bloating and sluggish bowel. Mood wise I’m much brighter and feel more confident due to the weight loss and younger looking skin...the clarity of my skin has improved since taking it."

Prebiotic Collagen Protein is extremely versatile and is the perfect addition to smoothies/smoothie bowls and even used in baking! It is stable in all liquids making it effortless to take.

Wondering how Lesley incorporated her Prebiotic Collagen Protein into her daily routine?

"Mostly with water but sometimes in a smoothie with fresh fruit."

So, would Lesley recommend Prebiotic Collagen Protein to a friend?

"Most definitely. I’ve had a lot of compliments lately and tell them it is due to Happy Mammoth products. Quite a few are now really eager to try them out for themselves."

Lesley is just one of the many customers greatly benefiting from our Prebiotic Collagen Protein. To find out more about this prebiotic-packed product and how it can help you, make sure to visit our product page here.

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