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Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine - The Skinny on This Fat-Blasting, Mood-Boosting, Digestive Savior!

Although you may have never heard of L-Glutamine, I bet you are familiar with amino acids. Amino acids, aid in the synthesis of protein in the human body and can be found in numerous food sources. They are essential for digestion and nutrient absorption. Did you know, that L-Glutamine, commonly known as glutamine, is an amino acid that can help with digestive struggles like IBS, bloat, irregularity, and general stomach discomfort? 

This super ingredient is a champ when it comes to alleviating leaky gut symptoms, IBS, gas, bloat, reflux, and food intolerances. It also aids in the elimination of sugar cravings and can even help you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. L-Glutamine has the unique ability to correct bacterial imbalances in the gut that can cause stubborn weight gain and has been proven to aid in intestinal repair and balance. 

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Happy Mammoth’s Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine is plant-based and pure. It is specially formulated for anyone who suffers from consistent gut problems. This amino acid is the most abundant amino acid in your system and it makes up around 30% of the amino acid nitrogen in your bloodstream. It is considered essential and a deficit can greatly impact your health and wellness day-to-day. 

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How can it help me lose weight?

Recent clinical research has shown that L-Glutamine not only helps non-dieting women lose weight, it also has the potential to aid in the increase of muscle mass, reduce bad bacteria in the gut, and reduce cravings. When you combine these incredible properties together, you have a simplistic approach to encouraging weight loss naturally. L-Glutamine also helps support metabolic processes and supports musculoskeletal health. This means that you will feel better, faster, after a workout, helping your muscles return to a happy state after some serious strain!

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Simple but Serious

When your container of Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine arrives and you flip it over to check out the ingredients, you are going to be pretty underwhelmed. Why? There is simply one. Pure, plant-based L-Glutamine. That’s it! Don’t however, dismiss this single ingredient super product. It has the power to make a pretty big difference for your body in a number of ways. For example, did you know that scientists have confirmed that individuals who suffer from IBS have approximately 38% less L-Glutamine in their bodies than individuals without IBS? Did you know that L-glutamine normalizes the inflammation that occurs in our body that has been linked to depressive and anxious thoughts? L-Glutamine has even been suggested to reverse a nutrient deficiency and malabsorption that can cause hair loss and thinning. 

So although this single ingredient doesn’t seem impressive when you look at the label, the takeaway is that it can help you reduce stomach discomfort, relieve symptoms associated with IBS, protect and repair your gut lining, improve your mental wellness, assist in weight loss without diet and activity changes, and even help you have a healthy mane after suffering from nutrient-related hair loss. Wow! Pretty impressive, right?

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So, how do I use this product? 

Not everyone takes Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine for the same reason. Depending on your goal, we have carved out some simple recommendations on how to take this product to ensure effectiveness and results. It is important to always consult with your doctor about changes in your diet and to never mix L-Glutamine with fluids or food other than water. We repeat, check with your doctor and only take this with water! Also, make sure you leave at least a 30 minutes gap between consuming food and taking L-Glutamine. 

      • Digestive Disaster - When you suffer from IBS, bloating, gas, irregular bowel movements, and have experienced general digestive discomfort:
        • Mix one scoop (5g) once daily with 2-300ml of filtered water.
        • For the best results, we recommend taking it first thing in the morning about 30-45 minutes before your first meal. 
      • Kill Those Cravings - For when you find yourself suffering from specific food cravings or wanting sugar all of the time:
        • Mix one scoop (5g) twice daily with 2-300ml of filtered water.
        • We recommend taking L-glutamine one hour before or after lunch and again before or after dinner.
      • Shed and Shred - If you are looking to lose weight and improve muscle regeneration:
        • Mix two scoops (10g) with 400-500ml of filtered water.
        • Take L-Glutamine on an empty stomach when you first wake up

Although mixing this product with foods or alternative liquids is a strict no-no, we do recommend that you consume it alongside other products. The Complete Gut Synergy System which consists of L-Glutamine, Organic Bone Broth (only available in AUS), and Prebiotic Collagen Protein is the most efficient gut-repair system that we have ever put together. Learn more about The Complete Gut Repair System Here. 

If you are still working to get to the bottom of your health concerns, take our FREE comprehensive health assessment today for tailored recommendations. 

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