Vital Digestive Enzymes Helped Keva Overcome Digestive Disturbances

It's time to meet Keva. Keva was one of our delightful customers seeking a resolution to her digestive symptoms, and we had the pleasure of getting to know her.

Continue reading on to find out a little bit about Keva, why she loves Vital Digestive Enzymes and how it helped and continues to help her everyday.

Some of Keva's absolute favourite things to do are going to ballet class, sewing her own clothes, crafting, yoga and going on sunny walks. Although she likes keeping nice and busy, a major concern getting in way was eating and not being able to digest her food properly.

"I have had non specific/sporadic gut issues since I had two surgical operations in the same year."

"It was hard to pinpoint a particular food. I didn't show up as coeliac or lactose intolerant. Probiotics had little success and I was very frustrated."

"It was horrible not knowing when and if my gut was going to play up. "

However, this frustration soon diminished when Keva did a google search for Happy Mammoth and stumbled across Vital Digestive Enzymes whilst searching our site.

"I was impressed with the care and commitment from Matt and James and their desire to make science-backed gut specific products."

So, how did Keva get along with Vital Digestive Enzymes?

"Fantastic, from the first week I noticed changes in my gut."

"The best part was the sense of relief I felt from not having that sudden stomach churn. I feel like my insides are working properly again!"

Vital Digestive Enzymes are completely neutral in taste, making them the perfect addition to smoothies and even mixed into main meals!

Wondering how Keva incorporates the product into her diet?

"I mix my digestive enzymes in water and take it at breakfast time. If my tummy is feeling a little iffy I may have another dose before I go out to a restaurant."

So, would Keva spread the word about Vital Digestive Enzymes to a friend?

"Yes I have, and also my doctor!"

Keva is just one of the many customers greatly benefiting from our Vital Digestive Enzymes. To find out more about this enzyme-packed product and how it can help you, make sure to visit our product page here.

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