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6 Women Got A New Lease On Life Using This New Natural Solution (Feel Like You Again)

That awful feeling of fullness and tightness even when you’ve eaten nothing more than a salad is much more common than you think, with thousands of people experiencing bloating all around the world. And let’s not forget about all the other symptoms that typically accompany bloating: fluid retention, flatulence, poor bowel movements, cramps… the list seems to be endless. The worst part? Many times, doctors are not able to find the reason why you get bloated (let alone an effective solution). 

But now you can take the bull by the horns and address your bloating problem with the first-ever natural 3-Dimensional Bloat “Biohack” that can obliterate bloating, gas, and erratic bowel movements in just 29 minutes! Want to forget about bloating and feel your tummy light and flat again? Have a look at the testimonies of these 6 women who got a new lease on life using this new natural solution- and eat whatever you want without the balloon belly! 


#1 - Rizza Found the Solution to Perimenopause Bloating

#2 - Jodie Impressed Her Husband With Her Flat Belly

#3 - Adriana Used to Look 4 Months Pregnant After Dinner… But Not Anymore!

#4 - This Is What Leanne Did to Get the Best of Two Worlds: Immediate Relief & Long-Term Healing

#5 - After Trying Lots of Products, Heather Found One Like No Other

#6 - A Few Days Later, Simone Still Can’t Believe Her Eyes

#1 - Rizza Found the Solution to Perimenopause Bloating

"I wanted to try Bloat Banisher as I have been suffering from severe bloating and have problems with indigestion for a year now due to perimenopause. I stopped enjoying my usual food and I had to stop drinking coffee (I'm a coffee lover!) as it aggravates my bloating. I only took it for 3 days straight and I already noticed a huge improvement with my digestion. I can eat my usual food & enjoy my coffee without feeling so bloated. I will continue to take Bloat Banisher and I highly recommend this product to those suffering like me as it supports healthy digestion.”

Rizza C.

Just as Rizza mentions, bloating can appear for a myriad of reasons. One of them is the fluctuations in female hormones that appear in the perimenopause period. Progesterone and estrogen, for example, are the hormones responsible for your menstrual cycle, and their levels go up and down throughout the month. This is made even more noticeable during perimenopause, when estrogen and progesterone levels rise and fall like a roller coaster, causing disruption in your body. As a result, you may notice water retention, gas build-up and, of course, bloating.

However, thanks to the carefully selected natural ingredients of the Bloat Banisher,  now you can forget about gas and pain. Its pure anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing ingredients, like chamomile, liquorice root, or lemon balm (1), will make all the difference in your digestion. These ingredients instantly calm stomach irritation and painful spasms, banishing the bloat and eliminating gas before it builds up. 

#2 - Jodie Impressed Her Husband With Her Flat Belly

“After taking the bloat banisher for only 2 days I have noticed amazing results. My menopause belly is significantly smaller :) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. I don't remember feeling this light for a long time. My husband was commenting on the difference and was so impressed he wants to try them!! I cannot wait to see the results after a few weeks. Another great product from Happy Mammoth”

Jodie N.

Our Bloat Banisher can help with menopause bloating, too! After the perimenopause period finishes, your estrogen levels will be much lower than before. This brings about a lot of effects on your health that go from low libido and vaginal dryness to problems with digestion and bloating. But now you can make this a thing of the past with our Bloat Banisher! Our new formula contains a blend of 7 natural enzymes that will help you break down the food, no matter if you’re having a salad, a pizza, or a milkshake! Also, our new product will protect your digestive tract with its soothing ingredients like marshmallow root and Aquamin F.

Similarly, Isabel B. mentions her bloating and discomfort when experiencing hormonal imbalances:

“I recently received the Bloat Banisher from Happy Mammoth. I have only been using it for a few days now with lunch and dinner and I can already see a difference. The bloat is gone. I have experienced a lot of hormonal changes as a woman for several reasons, and aging is one of them, and bloating has been a big concern for me. Always feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. This product has already made a difference and I'm so excited to continue using it to see even better results. Thanks Happy Mammoth for a great product. Bloat Banisher is definitely getting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me.”

Isabel B.

Most people who suffer from bloating not only have to deal with the discomfort of having a stomach that just doubled in size. In addition, you can experience stomach cramps, fatigue, a drop in energy, flatulence, and weight gain as your digestive system has problems breaking down food properly. But thanks to the combination of powerful natural ingredients, our Bloat Banisher will do away with all of these problems in the shortest time!

#3 - Adriana Used to Look 4 Months Pregnant After Dinner… But Not Anymore!

“I’m leaving a review on the new Bloat Banisher, which I’ve been using now for a week. And I think like most Happy Mammoth’s products, it’s amazing! I’ve tried so many different digestives and things to help with bloating after eating and NOTHING has come close to this one. Literally, and especially after dinner, I’m like four months pregnant. With this, nowhere near it. Nothing at all! It’s amazing, I feel lighter, I don’t feel uncomfortable after I eat anymore. I couldn’t speak more highly of it, I love it! And you need to try it, it is awesome! Thanks Happy Mammoth, you’re the best”


Our new Bloat Banisher is effective not only when doing away with gas build-up but also with helping you digest food right after you eat. The formula contains a blend of 7 powerful digestive enzymes that help your stomach break down food and transform it into energy fast. One of these enzymes is amylase, which helps digest complex carbohydrates like pizza without bloating (2), while papain helps in the digestion of meat and fish (3).

Other enzymes include protease (to digest dairy products), lipase (to digest fats), bromelain (to burn more calories), tilactase (for milk-based beverages) and cellulase (to digest sugary foods). As Adriana describes, our Bloat Banisher shows its effectiveness approximately 29 minutes after you take it. That is why you should take 3-4 pills half an hour before your meal! 

#4 - This Is What Leanne Did to Get the Best of Two Worlds: Immediate Relief & Long-Term Healing

“Being a long-time regular customer of Happy Mammoth I recently received a sample bottle of their new Bloat Banisher for an honest review. When told I could review after only two days of trying the product, I was skeptical because usually products can take days or even weeks before you notice any difference.

I generally eat healthy during the week and use the Happy Mammoth Prebiotic Collagen protein daily so don't have many problems with bloat, but it's the weekend when I allow myself take-away sometimes, or when I go off track a bit, that my stomach rebels.

For the purpose of testing out the new product I decided to have a drive-through Parma and chips on Friday night. I had the Bloat Banisher capsules just as I started the meal. Usually when I have a big meal like this, especially when I've eaten healthy all week, my stomach would start to gurgle and carry on, and I literally waited for it to happen. Amazingly, it didn't. I usually guzzle water after eating the chips, too, because of all the salt on top, but my thirst wasn't nearly as bad as it usually is, and I went to bed not bloated or gurgling at all, which really surprised me.

On Saturday, I took the capsules with lunch and again at dinner, where I had pie with veggies then followed up with a hot chocolate to again test the waters. I thought for the tiniest moment that my stomach was going to start gurgling just after that, but again it didn't eventuate.

This is only my experience, but for me, already, it has been a favourable one. I would never have believed the effects of the Bloat Banisher would be obvious so quickly, but they were. I have no doubts this product will be very effective for people who suffer from bloat and stomach discomfort.

Happy Mammoth have added another excellent product to their already exceptional range. It's five stars for me”.

Leanne D.

We are ecstatic Leanne was able to regain her digestive health and eat whatever she wants without getting bloated! By combining the Prebiotic Collagen Protein and the Bloat Banisher, Leanne got the best of two worlds. On the one hand, the Prebiotic Collagen Protein is ideal for those who suffer from long-time gut issues and are looking for a long-term solution. On the other hand, the Bloat Banisher was specifically designed to act almost instantly. You just take it 29 minutes before eating, and your food sensitivities and symptoms will just go away!

Many solutions available in the market offer results but only if you completely change your routine and stick to “safe foods”, like salads or chicken breast, that will not lead to gas build-up. And while this is understandable, it means no more ordering in, no more pizza night with friends, and no more parties! This can take away the joy of eating entirely.

But this is not what happens with our Bloat Banisher. Just take 3-4 capsules before your meals and enjoy whatever you want to have: pasta, meat, pizza, a piece of delicious chocolate cake… the choice is yours. 

#5 - After Trying Lots of Products, Heather Found One Like No Other

“I have been taking the Bloat Banisher now for one week and it is an AMAZING product. I don't recommend products very often but this one is well worth a written review. I noticed a difference on day 2 and every day thereafter in how I feel. I have no water retention, no bloating and honestly feel really good. I will continue to purchase this product as it has become part of my daily routine. Thank you Happy Mammoth for producing another FABULOUS product.”

Heather T.

The longer you take our Bloat Banisher, the better you’ll feel! After taking it for 7-9 days, you’ll feel more comfortable and lighter, with waves of steady energy flowing all day long. Finally, our product is 100% natural with NO artificial ingredients, fillers, stearates, GMOs, or other junk— and made in a certified facility. Beat the bloat without nasty side effects!

#6 - A Few Days Later, Simone Still Can’t Believe Her Eyes

“Hi, my name is Simone and I’ve been taking the Bloat Banisher for a few days now and I would have to say I feel absolutely amazing. Even after a couple of days I keep thinking “this can’t be right, this can’t be making me feel so good” but it’s been amazing. After going through menopause, I struggled with sleep, I feel bloated, I’ve put on weight. I struggle to get through the day! I didn’t have energy for anything and I can’t believe that I can take a product like this and just almost immediately feel amazing and continue to feel amazing. So I see myself taking this product for a long time to have these wonderful health benefits. And I would like to say thank you to Happy Mammoth, you’ve made such a difference in my life”.

Simone T.

If you, like Simone, would like to try out our Bloat Banisher, this is what you can expect in the long term:

  • As soon as you take the pills: our blend of digestive enzymes enter your stomach and get ready to digest even the most triggering foods. 
  • After approximately 29 minutes: your belly starts deflating, as our formula eradicates gas and cramps, favoring bowel movements. 
  • 5 hours later: your stomach is calm and light. No discomfort at all! Plus, your fat-burning power is heightened, helping you do away with those extra kilos almost without effort.
  • After 7-9 days: You feel energized and happy after every meal, instead of uncomfortable and tight. Your clothes fit like a glove!
  • After 6 months: You regain your strength, health, and happiness! No more water retention, puffiness, extra weight or painful cramps. Your best days are ahead.

Supported by 83,347 scientific studies and tested by women just like you who were WOWed by the instant results, it’s now available for you to try. Order Bloat Banisher now and eat what you want without the bloat!

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