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Grass-Fed Bone Broth

Improve your gut, skin and energy levels fast

Over 10,837 Australians are getting all the health benefits of our freshly prepared organic beef and turmeric bone broth (in natural liquid form—no powders!) without the hassle of making their own

739 orders placed so far this month.

Alleviate gut problems

A cup of bone broth a day works miracles for leaky gut syndrome and acts as a protective shield for non-leaky guts. The Gelatin found in our bone broth seals holes in your intestines and helps address chronic gut issues and autoimmune diseases, fast.


Lose weight faster

If you’re carrying weight, you’ll have higher levels of Firmicutes bacteria in your digestive tract which extracts a higher ratio of calories from your daily food intake. Bone Broth contains high levels of amino acids which studies show, reduce firmicutes in the gut—therefore aiding in weightloss.

Reduces wrinkles

Our organic bone broth is rich in a special healing protein called collagen which forms a powerful combination with the high levels of amino acids and minerals to nourish and smooths your skin, nails and hair. Collagen specifically has anti-aging benefits, leaving you looking (and feeling) much younger.

All disease starts in the gut

Imagine your gut is similar to the roots of a tree.

The tree cannot be healthy if its roots are fundamentally unhealthy—you cannot feel healthy and energised when your gut is unhealthy.

Gluten, which is found in wheat products, is the major cause of Leaky Gut Syndrome because it causes the gut cells to release a questionable protein called Zonulin. This protein can break apart tight junctions in your intestinal lining.

Other factors like chronic inflammation, stress, toxins, infection, age, dairy, alcohol and excess sugar can cause and contribute to these intestinal breakages.

Once your junctions have broken apart, you have Leaky Gut. When your gut is leaky, toxins, undigested food particles and microbes escape from your intestines and enter your bloodstream. Your Immune system flags these invaders as pathogens and attacks them. The immune response to these pathogens can present in any of the 10 conditions/symptoms below:

Conditions and symptoms directly linked to your gut

Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) that just don’t seem to go away?

Diagnosis of an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, lupus, psoriasis, fibromyalgia or celiac?

Mood and mind issues such as depression, Anxiety, ADHD, anger or irritability?

Hormonal imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, low libido, stubborn fat gain or poor sleep patterns?

Chronic fatigue, low energy levels or sugar cravings?

Skin issues such as dry skin, acne, rosacea or eczema?

Food allergies, food intolerances or candida (yeast) overgrowth?

Chronic or seasonal allergies or asthma?

Intestinal hyperpermeability which is better known as leaky gut syndrome

Osteoporosis or its precursor—osteopenia

The rapid decline of skin collagen
as you age

Collagen is exactly like the frame of your house.

It supports everything on the inside and outside of your home. Without the frame, your house will crack and eventually fall down.

Collagen is the key building block for everything in your body, from connective tissues to vital organs to joints, ligaments, tendons, hair, nails and the dermis layer of your skin.

The critical importance of collagen supply

You’re born with a naturally abundant supply of collagen. When you’re a baby, your skin was naturally firm and smooth. Once you hit your late 20’s though, collagen production starts rapidly declining…

After the age of 30, your collagen levels begin a long and rapid decline by 1-2% each year. By the age of 40, you’ve already lost 10-20% of your collagen and by 50, you’ve lost 20-40%…

Your dermis layer is made up of on average, 70% collagen. There are 28 types of collagen. The collagen in our dermis is 80% Type I and 10% Type 3—the key foundations to young, firm and flawless skin.

The Hidden Secret To Your New Positive State Of Health

Bone Broth actively promotes gut healing and optimises digestive function whilst treating many acute and chronic health conditions, directly linked to your digestive health.

The health and beauty power protein

The key to living a happier and healthier life

Collagen is the health and beauty power protein that makes Bone Broth a unique healing food and gives you supple skin whilst helping to seal your gut and reduce cellulite.

When you eat bone broth, you’re eating cooked collagen. This is a powerful way to restore collagen levels in your skin, helping to reduce the development of wrinkles. Sure, you could find a lot of products with “collagen” on the label, but dietary collagen is far more potent—it partitions collagen to your cells just like a targeted delivery system.

Our bone broth contains the full spectrum of amino acids and minerals—all in easily absorbable forms. This enhances your mood, energy, clarity and focus whilst balancing your hormone levels.

“We make Bone Broth the traditional way.
Our signature 18-hour simmering process causes the bones and ligaments to release healing compounds like Collagen, Proline and Glycine—proven to transform your health.”

The Science-Backed Bone Broth Benefits

Kick-starts sustainable weight loss

If you’re carrying a little weight, you have higher levels of Firmicutes bacteria in your digestive tracts which extracts a higher ratio of calories from your daily food intake. Bone Broth contains insanely high levels of amino acids which studies show, reduce firmicutes in the gut—therefore aiding in weightloss.

Fights systemic inflammation

Collagen specifically reduces gut inflammation.

Boost energy, focus and eliminate brain fog

The makeup of your gut bacteria (known as the microbiome) is responsible for your daily mood, energy, ability to learn and how you deal with stress. The collagen and healing nutrients in our bone broth help seal holes in your gut—giving you an abundance of energy and happy vibes.

Helps ease symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases

Thyroid Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Coeliac Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and other conditions can be improved through the nutrients in Organic Bone Broth. This is because the nutrients such as Glycine heal the gut wall and increase immunity in your body.

Super anti-aging elixir (really!)

Collagen and abundant trace minerals nourish the skin, hair and nails. They also aid in soft tissue repair and replenish the body. Minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium promote healthy bone repair. Glycine has a broad range of cell-protective actions and is important for healthy liver function and detoxification.

Banish cellulite and wrinkles

Our organic bone broth is rich in a special healing protein called collagen. This along with trace minerals nourish the skin, hair and nails. Collagen also helps smooth your skin and has many anti-aging benefits, leaving you looking younger and feeling incredible.

Supercharge bone strength and health

A study on the nutrients essential for bone health found that the process of bone formation requires a constant flow of calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, boron, iron, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and B Vitamins. If you’re lacking in any of these nutrients, your teeth and bones will start to weaken. Bone Broth is a one stop shop for these vitamins and minerals and has been shown to improve bone health.

Build muscle, helping to "firm up" those stubborn flabby areas

The amino acids in our organic bone broth stimulate protein muscle synthesis which is CRITICAL for muscle growth, repair and maintenance of all muscle groups. Ramping up your amino acid intake helps you overcome any challenges you have with muscles including overuse injuries, muscle tone, muscle wasting, cramps, inflammation and other disorders.

Guaranteed 100% free from nasty food additives

Are you trying to stay away from nasties that are found in so many foods these days? We recently wrote a book on the 47 worst food additives and are pioneers in educating you and your family so you can make better life choices through food. We refuse to eat these additives and you have our 100% guaranteed that our organic bone broth is 100% natural homemade style and always will be.

Shield yourself from stress and a “time deficient” lifestyle

These days, we live in a constant state of ‘busy,’ having little time to properly prepare nutritious meals and maintain a consistent diet. Adding bone broth to your diet will boost your immune system and help shield your body from the damaging effects casued stress and poor nutrition.

Boost exercise performance

Liquids with carbs and electrolytes, like our slow cooked organic bone broth outperform water alone. Intake of these liquids is essential when it comes to restoring exercise capacity that may be lost from dehydration and electrolyte depletion.

Alleviate mystery illnesses

Alleviate symptoms which have no profound cause. Research has shown that the root cause of many undiagnosed health problems lies with leaky gut syndrome and gut health.

Maintain electrolyte balance

Not many bone broth’s on the market add vegetables to their broth. Whilst bone broth without veggies still has amazing healing power, they don’t deliver the full spectrum of health and nutritional benefits. Our organic bone broth, that’s made with vegetables adds electrolytes and carbohydrates to your body. Studies have found that drinking broth optimises your body’s hydration levels than simply drinking water alone.

Add a large variety of whole foods to your diet daily

When you’re busy, it can be huge challenge to ensure that you always find time to cook natural and whole foods containing meats and vegetables. Well, adding a cup of organic beef bone broth to your diet does just that. Now you can be confidant that you’re getting a full array of whole foods when you drink your daily cup of wholesome broth.

Completely Paleo friendly

Our organic beef bone broth is completely compatible with the paleo diet and is completely free from nasties like grains, added sugar and gluten

Alleviate arthritis and ease joint pain

Organic bone broth is stacked with Glucosamine and Glycosaminoglycans like Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin. Broken down minerals from cartilage and tendons are essential for joint, cartilage and connective tissue repair all through your body. Organic bone broth gives you these nutrients in the most bioavailable and digestible form available.

Finally! Diet consistency for you and your family

Bone broth ensures that yourself and everyone in your family (including the fussy eaters!) get all the goodies they need in their bodies to keep them healthy and happy.

The secret and 100% natural flavour enhancer

You can make delicious healing drinks, soups and meals with this chefs secret. It’s a beautiful way to let your food be your medicine. For hundreds of years, chefs have been using broth as a way to add richer flavour to food. With our Organic Bone Broth, you will no longer have to rely on processed, chemical and addictive laced stock, stock cubes and sauces. Organic Bone Broth enhancers the flavour of your food with BIG health and beauty benefits.

Finally delete "IBS" from your life

A cup of bone broth a day works miracles for leaky gut syndrome and acts as a protective shield for non-leaky guts. The Gelatin found in our bone broth seals holes in your intestines and helps alleviate chronic gut issues (such as IBS) and autoimmune diseases, fast…

Eliminate chronic skin issues

Eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or cradle cap in babies are immune-related because they’re directly linked to gut and digestive health. Organic bone broth heals your gut lining and balances your immune system, healing skin problems from the inside out.

Organic, Natural and
Ethically Sourced Ingredients

100% Organic, Natural and Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Happy Mammoth organic bone broth is made from the marrow bones of 100% grass-fed, organically raised cattle from small Australian farms. We allow our premium bones to simmer for 18 hours with fresh organic vegetables and our anti-inflammatory blend consisting of turmeric, ginger, garlic and peppercorns.

Water, organic free-range grass-fed beef bones and beef (42%), organic carrots, celery, organic onions, ginger, organic apple cider vinegar, garlic, turmeric, sea salt, herbs, peppercorns

100% shelf stable

We use millions of dollars worth of packaging technology to ensure our broth is naturally fresh, never frozen, completely shelf stable and 100% additive free.

2-4 serves

Each BPA FREE pack lasts approx 2-4 serves depending on how you like your broth. We recommend one cup every morning to to kick-start your day, the right way.

Natural liquid

The dehydration process used to create powders strips most of the nutrients away. For this reason, our broth is 100% fresh and kept in its natural liquid form.

18 hour simmering

Allows the bones to release healing compounds like collagen, glycine and proline. Studies have shown these boost energy, heal the gut and strengthen immune function.

Rich in minerals

Rich in easily absorbed minerals including magnesium, calcium and inflammation reducing compounds such as chondroitin and glucosamine for joint pain and arthritis.

Easily consumed

The easiest way to get all the health benefits it to consume a cup every morning. You can use our broth as a base for sauces, stocks, soups and smoothie bowls.

Recommended and Trusted by over 10,837 Australians and Healthcare Professionals

Catherine Allemand

After drinking the broth for a week, I just felt my skin was better, I had more energy and I liked that my body craved this feeling first thing in the morning, it’s like it gave me a great kick-start to my day. I’ve recommending bone broth to all my friends as, I have not stomached other products and it’s so easy to order and use. I noticed a difference within days. Just wish it had a reseal-able package, that would be handy .

Ambi Kumaralingam

I loved it being organic and the manner in which it is produced (cooked for a long period of time) and that the ingredients are clean, healthy and organic. The quality of the product is appealing. My only suggestion would be to add a bit more herbs and spices to make it even more flavoursome.

The best ways to enjoy organic bone broth

A revitalising morning drink

Organic bone broth tastes amazing on its own and can be consumed in replacement of (or even with!) your morning coffee.


Healing soups, broths and pho

Combine bone broth with other super nutrients to create healing soups that taste amazing and help heal and nourish your body.

A superfood base for smoothies

As the taste of organic bone broth is subtle, it pairs well with a variety of other superfoods (like kale!) in healthy smoothies.

Superfood smoothie bowls

Add bone broth with superfoods like acai, quinoa, raspberries, blueberries and kale to make delicious smoothie bowls


Simple and clean, nutritious and delicious

Organic ingredients

We keep every batch of our bone broth small because that’s the only way to keep quality high. All our marrow bones are 100% organic and grass-fed, sourced from ethical and sustainable farms across country Australia.

Anti-inflammatory blend

On top of the organic beef marrow bones, our broth contains fresh garden vegetables like celery and carrots, carefully combined with our anti-inflammatory antioxidant blend of turmeric, garlic, peppercorns and ginger.

Super convenient

Bone broth is commonly recommended by healthcare practitioners because of its amazing healing powers but takes over 24-hours to make. Our broth is freshly made and hassle free so you get all the health benefits with no effort.

No hidden additives

Happy Mammoth’s number 1 guiding principle is nutrition before taste. You have our 100% guarantee that we will never compromise the nutritional profile of our broth with harmful and nasty “flavour enhancers,” sugars or food additives.

Ethical farming practices

The meat of grass-fed and ethically raised cattle is much healthier because they contain higher levels of omega 3, CLA and vitamins A and E. We pay extra money to source marrow bones only cattle that are organically raised as nature intended.

11.8g protein per serve

Each serving of our organic bone broth contains approximately 11.8 grams of high quality and bioavailable protein. Perfect for improving muscle recovery, endurance, kick-starting your metabolism, weight loss and gains in strength.

Invest in your new state of health today

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Recovering from surgery

Leaky gut

Mystery illnesses

Chronic digestive issues

Artiris and joint issues

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Faster sustainable weightloss

Incredible skin, nails and hair all the time

Long-term gut optimisation

Enhanced mental and ahtletic performance

High daily dose of vital vitamins and minerals

Heavily reduce systemic inflammation

SAVE $101 per month

Natural Beauty

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6x Organic Beef Bone Broth

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Boost natural collagen levels

Kick-start sustainable weightloss

Incredible skins, nails and hair all the time

Long-term gut optimisation

Enhanced athletic performance

Bulletproof joints

Reduced systemic inflammation

SAVE $55 per month

Save 30% with a subscription

The health benefits of organic beef bone broth build up and get even greater over time. Our flexible subscription options offer superior long-term health benefits at 30% less when compared to the once-off options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of consuming a properly prepared Organic Bone Broth?

Proline and glycine are important for a healthy gut, muscle repair and growth, a balanced nervous system, and a strong immune system. In fact, a study of chicken broth conducted by the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that the amino acids that were produced when making bone broth reduced inflammation in the respiratory system and improved digestion. (There’s a reason your mom always made you chicken soup when you were sick.) The gelatin in bone broth can help to heal a leaky gut, which may be of specific benefit to those with inflammatory or autoimmune disorders. These compounds also reduce joint pain, reduce inflammation, prevent bone loss, and build healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Q. Can I just buy broth from the grocery store?

Nope. Broth (often labelled “stock”) from the grocery store relies on high temperature, fast-cooking techniques, which result in a watered down, non-gelling liquid, so you’re missing out on the benefits of a gelatin-rich broth. In addition, unnatural additives (like MSG) and flavours are often added. If you just need a small amount for a recipe, store-bought stuff will do, but if you’re interested in the healing properties of bone broth, you have to make it yourself.

Q. Why do you add apple-cider vinegar to the broth?

Adding an acid (like lemon juice or vinegar) will help to extract minerals from the bones. We use a mild-flavored apple cider vinegar because white vinegar tastes too harsh in a mellow broth. New medical research also suggests that apple cider vinegar ingestion can help acid reflux, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes and support weight loss. The benefits of apple cider vinegar come from it’s powerful healing compounds, which include acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and enzymes.

Q. What does organic bone broth taste like?

We’ve lovingly worked on the recipe and taste of our organic bone broth over the last 12-months to bring you a beef bone broth that’s not only nutritionally dense but literally exploding with super nutrients. The taste is a little similar to stock, but not as strong. Think something more smooth and mild so it’s super easy to drink every morning. You have our 100% guarantee that we will never compromise the nutritional profile of our broth with harmful and nasty “flavour enhancers” and food additives.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Being locked into annoying contracts makes Happy Mammoth unhappy and we can’t have that so of course! You can cancel anytime you like.

Q. I’m on the fence, how do I know if organic bone broth is for me?

If you’re a fair weathered person who can’t stick at anything whilst complaining of information overload, continuously eats junk food, binges on alcohol every weekend, doesn’t bother to keep active or you’re in debt, then organic bone broth is not for you. IF you’re ready to take your health to the next level and experience long-lasting and positive health changes, a healthier gut, incredible skin, nails and hair, bulletproof joints, focused energy, mental clarity and higher life performance, than organic bone broth is your new found super foundational food (serious! It’s one of the healthiest foods you can eat/sip).

Q. How many serving are there in your 500ml pack?

Each BPA FREE pack lasts approx 3-5 serves depending on how you like your broth. We recommend one cup every morning to to kick-start your day, the right way.

Q. What nutritional benefits does Organic Bone Broth offer?

Bone broth is a source of minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are easily absorbed by the body. It’s also rich in glycine and proline, amino acids not found in significant amounts in muscle meat (the vast majority of the meat we consume). It also contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, the compounds sold as supplements to reduce inflammation, arthritis, and joint pain. Finally, “soup bones” include collagen, a protein found in connective tissue of vertebrate animals, which is abundant in bone, marrow, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. (The breakdown of collagen in bone broths is what produces gelatin).

Q. How do I consume Organic Bone Broth?

We like to drink it out of a mug, just like you would for coffee or tea. In fact, warming up a cup of broth and adding a pinch of salt is a great way to start your morning—try drinking 8 ounces a day, every day. Of course, you can use it in recipes wherever it calls for broth or stock, or turn it into a base for your favorite soup. In fact, organic bone broth is a great replacement for your morning coffee (we promise!) because it gives you heaps of sustained energy with the inflammation and jitters caused by coffee. It’s also great for instantly boosting the nutritional content of things like soups, sauces and pasta sauces.

Q. Why does my Broth look so jiggly?

That’s the gelatin—when cool, it makes your broth look a little like meat Jell-O. No worries—just heat it gently on the stovetop and it will return to a liquid state.

Q. Why Do You Use Grass-Fed, Organic Bones?

The animals have to be healthy to impart the maximum health benefit to you. Factory-farmed animals are the furthest thing from healthy. We also don’t want to encourage even more purchasing of factory-farmed animals. Now you can finally be confidant that you have access to organic bone broth from free-range, grass-fed and 100% organic cattle. Organic bone broth that’s totally free from all the nasty chemical and antibiotic additives that come with non grass-fed beef.

Q. How long will it take for my bone broth to arrive?

This depends on whereabouts you’re living. You have our 100% guarantee that your organic bone broth will be shipped within 24-hours of your order. Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane should take 1-2 working days. Deliveries to Perth, Adelaide and Darwin will like take 2-3 working days. For our international customers in Asia, the US and UK, your delivery will take between 1-2 week.

Q. Should I go on subscription or once-off?

If you’re new to bone broth then we suggest getting one of our once-off packs. Normally either the 3 or 5 pack works best so you can see how you feel after consuming bone broth for a week or two. The positive super effects of organic bone broth build up and get more and more awesome overtime, so to get the full benefits of organic bone broth at a dramatically cheaper price per pack, we recommend jumping on one of our subscription savings packages.

Q. Is your organic bone broth shelf stable?

Yes! There’s absolutely no refrigeration or freezers needed. We use millions of dollars worth of packaging technology to ensure our broth is naturally fresh, never frozen, completely shelf stable and 100% additive free.

Q. Is your broth in its natural liquid form?

Yes! The dehydration process used to create powders strips most of the nutrients away. For this reason, our broth is 100% fresh and kept in its natural liquid form.

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