The Happy New You System

What does it mean to be happy? Although we all interpret this word differently and each have our own means of achieving happiness, at Happy Mammoth, we believe that happiness begins with health. That is why we developed the Happy New You System. This system is designed to energize you, reduce stress, and help you to sustain your mood throughout the day. Additionally, it works to ensure that you fall into a night of restful, deep sleep. This is a comprehensive system designed to support each part of your day - morning, afternoon, and night. 

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So, What Is The Happy New You System?

The Complete Gut Detox System is made up of the following three core products that work together to ensure that your energy is sustained throughout the day. They assist in mood management, stress reduction, weight loss, and even sleep! Learn more: 

Ketone Energy Pro4 - aids in boosting your energy levels in a sustained way. No more caffeine crashes! It also supports healthy cognitive function for clearer, faster thinking, leaving you feeling sharp as a tac! Additionally, it significantly reduces stress, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings so, unlike caffeinated energy drinks, it won’t leave you feeling on edge. Plus, it helps reduce carb cravings for healthy weight loss helping you to achieve your personal, physical goals. 

Probiotic Power Greens - is a versatile product that helps to also reduce anxiety, stress, mood swings, and even help with the symptoms of depression. Additionally, these power greens work to support healthy digestion and general gut health. If one of your goals is to lose weight, the greens help to increase satiety - curbing cravings and making you feel fuller all day long. It even helps with inflammation!

Deep Sleep Mode - This incredible sleep aid targets all seven pillars of deep, restful sleep. Not only does it help you to fall asleep faster, but it also assists in keeping you asleep all night long. Don’t worry, you won’t wake up feeling groggy or fatigued like you might with other sleep aids. This is because it is designed to help you recharge and wake up feeling energized! In addition to helping you fall into a deep, restful state, Deep Sleep Mode also assists with stress management, boosting energy, and sharper focus and energy throughout the day.

Each of these products can be used on its own, but we find that when used together, they are the perfect combination for ensuring that your mood is stable, that your stress is managed, that you have energy without feeling on edge, rest well, and wake up energized and ready to take on the day! The best part is taking them daily takes only a moment!

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How Do I Take The Happy New You System?

At times, learning how and when to take a supplement can be the most challenging part of adding them into your routine. Some supplement systems are more complicated than others. This system has three key components designed to support every stage of your day and it is incredibly simple taking only 90 seconds a day.

Below are suggestions for how to take the Happy New You System broken down product-by-product: 

Ketone Energy PRO4: Good Morning, this is how you will start your day! Add one scoop of Ketone Energy pro 4 into 300 ml of water, coconut, almond, or macadamia milk. Mix well with a shaker or blender and consume this drink first thing in the morning. This is an acceptable and healthy coffee alternative! Keep in mind that the powerful, energetic, and cognitive effects of this product could impact sleep if you take it after 1 pm. You can consume up to 2 scoops per day if you need an additional boost. It is important to make sure that you mix this product well and adjust how much water or milk alternative you add to accommodate your personal taste preferences. 

Probiotic Power Greens: Good afternoon, now that you are settled into the day it is time to take Probiotic Power Greens! Simply mix one scoop in your afternoon smoothie, or with a liquid base. You can take this with coconut milk or water, nut-based milk, or simply good old-fashioned water. It is a versatile product but it is important to take this product mid-day when using the Happy New You System in an effort to ensure that your stress levels, good mood, and energy are sustained all day.

Deep Sleep Mode: Sweet dreams, you have made it to the end of the day and it is time to wind down. This product is designed to be taken about an hour before you intend to hit the hay. It takes seconds to prepare a nice warm mug of Deep Sleep Mode. Pick your favorite mug, heat up your favorite liquid base (water, almond milk, or coconut water for example), and add a single scoop of Deep Sleep Mode, stirring well. After your drink is made, I recommend curling up with a good book, reading a chapter or two, and then laying down for bed. You will fall in love with this night-time routine!

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Why Should I Use Supplements When Working On Myself?

Working on yourself is perhaps the most important undertaking of your lifetime. It is constant, ongoing, and at times really difficult. The Happy New You System lifts some of that emotional and physical weight for you. Supplements, like the ones in this system, have the unique ability to aid in routine and both emotional and physical progress. Whether your goal is to shed some weight, sleep better, have more energy, or simply feel better when you take on the day, the Happy New You System acts as your personal assistant helping you to reach your goals and feel good doing it!

It Is Time To Take On The Day

Remember, before starting any new supplement routine, it is important to consult your physician to ensure that it is right for you. If you are looking for a starting point, take our Free Comprehensive Health Assessment. With the Happy New You System, you wake up each day feeling fresh and ready to take on life’s daily challenges. This system can help you sustain energy, burn calories, feel full, stabilize your mood, aid in tackling anxiety and depression symptoms, and sleep better every night! Honestly, it is your secret weapon for daily life. This routine can take as little as 30 seconds per component, meaning only a minute and a half a day! Establishing this routine is easy, quick, and will leave you feeling in control of your daily life.

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