The Power Of The Moon And It's Impact On You

Have you ever heard your grandma blaming the moon for having a terrible night’s sleep or particularly explosive behavior during certain times of the month? Incredible as it may be, she is not crazy! People (and now science) have, throughout the years, found connections between this celestial body and our mood and health. During the Middle Ages, many believed there was a close relationship between insanity and even epilepsy during the full moon.  

Today, nobody denies the influence the moon has on the oceans, for example, but claims of a relationship between women’s periods and the moon cycle may be deemed unscientific by many. However, new evidence suggests that the moon can certainly affect the way we feel during certain times of the month. Sleep deprivation, uncontrollable emotions, synchronized menstrual cycles, and even low blood pressure are only some of the effects the moon power can have on human beings. 

Luckily, there are many ways in which you can harness this energy and use it to your benefit. Keep reading to discover how the power of the moon can benefit your health, mood, and overall well being! 

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The Power of The Moon & Your Health 

The moon takes approximately one month (29.5 days) to orbit around the Earth. During this time, we get to watch it darken and light up, and each of these phases has a different influence on humans. Whether or not you believe in astrology, the moon has an undeniable effect on many elements on our planet. The most common example is the gravitational pull that influences the ocean tides, but there are also many animals whose life cycle is impacted by lunar power. Considering the importance of the moon’s gravitational pull it’s not crazy to think it can impact our lives, too.  

The relationship between human health and the moon goes as far back as 400 B.C when philosophers started blaming mood changes on the lunar cycles! In fact, the word lunatic is derived from the Latin term “luna” (moon) and is based on the idea that people’s behavior is strongly influenced by moon power even making them “insane”.

How did they arrive at this conclusion? Well, given that the ocean tide is deeply affected by the gravitational pull of the moon and many marine creatures (such as sea-dwelling worms) have reproductive cycles regulated by the lunar phases - they believed it is only natural that this celestial body also has an impact on human health and behavior. 

While today we know people don’t become crazy during the full moon (or transform into werewolves, for that matter), many studies conducted in recent years prove lunar cycles can influence the way we feel and even behave. The moon has a deep relationship with us human beings. Learn more about some techniques you can apply to transform this influence into positive energy.

Lunar Impact on Your Health

The moon’s cycle and natural phenomena have a known and proven relationship (the tides, for example). For this reason, many cultures have believed for a long time that the moon has an effect on our health and emotions, especially considering that humans are made of 70% water. While there has not been conclusive research that links human behaviour and the moon cycles, many studies show that lunar energy may have an impact on certain health conditions. Here is what researchers can tell us about the moon affecting: 

  • How we sleep. If you find yourself tossing and turning about once a month, this may not be just a coincidence. A research paper recently published that the full moon can affect the way we sleep: people can get around 20 minutes less sleep when the moon is full compared to new moon periods (1). Plus, other studies suggest that it takes some people up to 5 minutes longer to fall asleep during the full moon, even if they are not exposed to any moonlight (2). 

  • If this resonates with you and you suffer from poor sleep during the full moon, why not try HM Deep Sleep Mode system? It’s made of natural ingredients, like Bioperine and Valerian Root Extract, which will help you relax and get a good night’s sleep regardless of the current moon phase. Unlike some other sleep aids, it won’t make you feel like a werewolf in the morning either, you will wake up feeling clarity and revitalized!

  • Our blood pressure. Have you felt tired, drowsy, and overall less productive when the full moon is approaching? Well, that may happen because the moon’s gravitational pull can affect our cardiovascular systems, especially our blood pressure. A 2013 study proved that, during the new and full moon phases, participants’ blood pressure dropped by 5 mm Hg (3). Low blood pressure can cause a lack of concentration, lightheadedness, and even fainting spells (4) in addition to other symptoms, so it’s only natural to feel less active during this part of the moon cycle.
    • Our menstrual cycles. While you will not find yourself howling at the sky during the full moon, there seems to be a relationship between our periods and the moon. A research study (5) showed that young women with periods longer than 27 days tended to synchronize with the moon’s gravitational pull, so long as they were not exposed to artificial light. Based on this data, researchers claimed that the relationship between our periods and the moon cycle used to be stronger but has weakened over the years as our lifestyle changed and we became more exposed to artificial light. Isn’t that cool?!
    • Our feelings. A common belief is that the moon can affect our behavior, making us act “crazy” or unhinged. Science has debunked this myth (6), but the moon seems to have an influence on our feelings and mood. As the monthly phases progress and the moon starts increasing in size and light, many people feel a surge in their positivity and motivation. If this is your case, then the full moon approaching is a great moment to start a new project and take action to achieve your long-awaited goals with inspiration and excitement!
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    Harnessing Lunar Power

    Considering the influence that lunar power can have on our health and well-being, try to keep up with the moon cycles! Even better, focus on harnessing all that energy and potential good vibes. Some ways you can take advantage of moon cycles and use them in your favor include:   

    Using an App to Track Moon Cycles 

    Today, there’s an app for everything, and you can find excellent software to keep track of moon cycles. Some examples are Lunar Watch and Moon for iOS, which are free apps that allow you to monitor the moon’s phase today and any other date you want. The app Phases of the Moon is another great alternative for Android, which also has a paid version to filter future new or full moon dates, for example. The Apple Watch even has faces that feature the moon cycle.

    Monitoring the phases and understanding what the moon can do to your body and mind will enable you to plan your activities accordingly. If you realize your upcoming hiking trip was planned for the full moon, you may want to reschedule for a period where you feel at your best. Similarly, imagine you have been waiting for years to make that trip of your dreams - monitor the moon cycles and maybe you’ll realize you feel like making a decision just before the full moon appears!  

    Stay in Tune With the Moon and Its Changes

    Now you understand the relationship between moon power and our health, but is there anything else you can do to flow with the lunar phases and take advantage of all the energy released by this satellite? Sure thing! Tune in to what is going on with the moon, harness its power, and start a healing process that will promote not only personal growth but also better physical and mental health. These are only some options, but you can get creative!

    • Meditate during the full moon. Participating in full moon meditation is an excellent manner of drawing upon its energy not only to achieve our objectives but also to understand where we are at the moment and what changes or intentions we would like to introduce. Just sit in a quiet place where the moonlight is visible, close your eyes, and focus on your intentions and feelings. By meditating during the full moon, you’ll tap all the luminous lunar energy and align your mindset with the goals you want to attain. 
    • Make moon water. Making moon water is EASY - simply set a cleansed jar outside in the moonlight, filled with water, and recover it before the sun rises. You can drink this, water your plants, or mix your favorite Happy Mammoth product in moon water. Many believe it gives you extra energy. 
    • Start a moon circle. The new moon, energetically speaking, is a time of balance and relaxation during which you’ll have deeper access to your own instincts and intuition. You can take advantage of this introspective period by hosting a moon circle. These are sacred moments with specific rituals you can share with other like-minded people who also want to harness the energy of the new moon. Some people create their circle using healing stones and music that also invite meditation. Others prefer to use this moment to get to know and connect with each other socially - setting intentions and even sharing journals with their feelings. Either way, hosting a circle can help you recuperate energy to tackle your everyday tasks the rest of the month while connecting with others who also want to honor and celebrate the moon and its powerful effects on human beings. 
    • Enjoy a good moon bath. One of the simplest ways to charge yourself with lunar power and positivity is to take a good moon bath. You’ll get to rest and reconnect with nature, embracing your feelings and reflecting upon your goals and desires. You can prepare your space with salt, candles, and/or essential oils and simply get into your tub while thinking about your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and worries. The best time to take a moon bath is, of course, at night, especially when the full moon is up. Relax, set your intentions, and enjoy the moonlight while recharging your batteries and improving your connection with nature!

    It’s Not Just a Phase: Harness Moon Power for Personal Healing

    Just as it lightens even the darkest corners of the night, the moon can illuminate our lives and makes us feel a greater connection with the universe and ourselves. Paying attention to the moon cycles can also help you understand what you are going through physically and emotionally. If you suddenly feel a bit down and find trouble sleeping, it could be because the moon’s gravitational pull is affecting you during the full moon phase. Likewise, your motivation and energy can suddenly go up right after the new moon.

    Take the time to understand how lunar power can affect your life and then take action to harness all that celestial energy and transform your life! You’ll amplify your intuition, deepen your connection with yourself and others, and overall develop self-awareness to understand what is going on with you during the month. 

    So, if the new or full moon is approaching, get ready for a self-healing path with the help of this influential celestial body. Prepare a good bath, go outside, and simply enjoy the moonlight with a warm cup of our Deep Sleep Mode in some warm moon water. So go sync yourself to planetary rhythm and start a transformation process that will help you feel healthy and renewed. 

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